Best Vertical Monitor Mount Reviews For 2020

Finding the best vertical monitor mount stand for your home or office use can be a difficult task. They can improve the quality of work you do, and they can improve your posture as you use them. There are dozens to choose from, and you want to pick one that fits your needs, so you get the most use out of it.


Best Vertical Monitor Mount Buying Guide

What is a Vertical Monitor Mount?

A vertical monitor mount is a device that lets you quickly and easily adjust your monitor’s height and tilt angle. You can use them at traditional desks or standing desks. They usually attach to the back of the desk, or they are freestanding.

Why Use a Vertical Monitor Mount?

One of the main reasons that people buy one of these devices is for their comfort. You can adjust it to reduce the strain on your neck and back. Adjust the height and tilt it until it’s comfortable for you to sit or stand and use your monitors. It can also give your productivity levels a boost. You won’t spend as much time readjusting your workstation or entertainment space because you can do this very quickly with your monitor mount.

Important Vertical Monitor Mount Considerations

There are several things that you want to keep in mind when you’re shopping for your new vertical monitor mount.

Attachment Point

There are two main ways that this device attaches to your desk or table. The first one uses heavy-duty C-clamps that clamp over the edge of the desk and support the monitor mount. The other one is freestanding. The C-clamp attachment point tends to be more secure, but they’re more difficult to move quickly.


How flexible is your new vertical monitor mount? Does it let you tilt, rotate, or flip your monitors? You want a monitor mount that lets you tilt your monitors up and down, side to side, and rotate all of the ways around. Being able to move your monitors up and down is also a good thing along with being able to use them horizontally and vertically.


You want your new monitor mount to be made out of durable materials that can withstand wear and tear. Ideally, you want something that is made out of steel, aluminum, or a combination of both. Pay special attention to any hinges or attachment points because these areas will have a lot of strain.


The price will factor into your final choice as well. These dual monitor mounts have a wide price range. You can buy a decent quality one for between $50 and $100. Just make sure that you double check everything to ensure that you’re getting the best choice for your money.

Screen Specifications

Pay attention to your unit’s screen specifications. A lot of them have a weight limit. If you go over the weight requirement, it can cause the monitor mount to be top-heavy and unstable. Some only fit wider monitors as well, so double check the recommended size.


10 Best Vertical Monitor Mount Reviews


Tripp Lite Dual Monitor Mount Stand

Choose from a single, dual, or quad monitor mounting system with this setup. You can use it as a clamp on mount or as a desktop mount. It comes with mounting plates that have individual adjustments so you can adjust them independently.

It comes in six different height options ranging from 8 to 10 inches up to 15 to 27 inches. It’s suitable for both office and home use. You’ll get a five-year warranty when you purchase this product. It comes with a sleek metallic coating that makes it resistant to scratching as well.


Each monitor has individual adjustments
Comes in several height choices
Get a five-year warranty


Can be difficult to adjust
Only supports up to 2.2 pounds safely
Monitors may not sit securely enough



FLEXIMOUNTS Vertical Dual Monitor Mount

This monitor mount comes with dual holders on a swivel mount system so you can quickly and easily adjust them. You can rotate and tilt each monitor independently because each one has its own arm. It comes with cable management channels so you won’t have to worry about pulling them.

It comes with a hassle-free and easy to install C-clamp and grommet mount base that attaches securely to the side of your desk. You can position your monitors in multiple configurations including landscape and portrait monitor orientation.


Supports LCD flat screen displays between 10 and 27 inches
Supports a variety of monitor positions
Very easy to adjust and install


May have to continually tighten the screws
Only works for certain monitors
Can only support up to 11 pounds



EZM Dual Vertical/Horizontal Monitor Desktop Clamp

This setup holds two monitors and it has a maximum weight limit of 13.2 pounds per monitor. You can quickly adjust each monitor independently, and it supports a variety of different configurations. They can tilt 90 degrees and swivel a full 360 degrees.

It comes with a heavy-duty steel desktop C-clamp that is durable and sturdy. You can clamp it on the side of your desk or run a bolt through it for a more secure fit. It has a gas spring setup, so it’s very easy to adjust the monitors as you see fit.


Has a heavy-duty build
Can swivel the monitors 360 degrees
Holds up to 13.2 pounds


Has a 30 day warranty
Can be difficult to get the tension correct
Might not last over a year with heavy use



VIVO Dual Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Mount

You can mount two 27-inch monitors on this setup. It supports a maximum weight of 15 pounds per monitor. It has counterbalanced gas spring arms that allow for tool-less monitor placement and adjustment. You get 90 degree tilt and swivel along with 360 degree rotation.

The desk clamps mount to the back of your desk with durable four-inch C-clamps. It allows you to position your monitor horizontally or vertically quickly and easily. The frame is made out of steel for a long-lasting design. There is a clip for your cables as well.


Mounts with four-inch C-clamps
Has a sturdy steel frame
Very easy to adjust and tilt the monitors


Screws are made out of plastic
Can be difficult to contact support
May have difficulty adjusting the arms



EZM Vertical Dual LCD Monitor Mount Stand

This heavy-duty display mount holds two widescreen display monitors. It can also hold ultra widescreen displays up to 28 inches. You get quick release mounting brackets that make it fast and easy to mount or take down your monitors.

It can tilt and swivel a full 180 degrees with a full 360-degree rotation. Each arm operates independently. You get a freestanding design with wide feet for stability. You can adjust the monitors by sliding them up and down the pole to the needed height.


Freestanding design is easy to move
Holds widescreen and ultra widescreen monitors
Can tilt a full 180 degrees


May not be stable enough
Doesn’t have a lot of height features
Can be difficult to tighten the bolts



Fleximounts D1DV Vertical Dual Desk Mounts Stand

You can choose from dual stacking or dual side-by-side mounting options. It holds up to 22 pounds per monitor, and your monitors can be up to 27 inches long. The mounting brackets secure to a steel pole for added durability.

This setup secures to the back of your desk with heavy-duty C-clamps. You can quickly and easily rotate the monitors from landscape to portrait orientation without taking the stand apart. It’s fast and easy to adjust the monitor’s height and tilt as well.


Choose from two different mounting optionsHas a durable steel frame
Connects with a heavy-duty C-clamp


Setup has limited mounting options
It may not have enough height to support good posture
Can’t safely support a 27-inch monitor



VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Stand

This stand comes with high-grade aluminum and steel for added durability. It has wide feet with a freestanding design that’s sturdy and stable. It can hold two larger monitors up to 27-inches and 33 pounds each without a problem.

You can install your monitors in portrait or landscape orientation without an issue. It comes with 60-degree tilt, 360-degree swivel, and 360-degree rotation so you can customize your monitors to suit your needs. It comes with high-quality materials that are fast and easy to put together.


Has a very wide and stable base
Made with a mix of steel and aluminum
Supports both portrait and landscape orientation


Joints may not be durable enough
Bottom of the stand can scratch your desk
Monitors don’t have any brackets to hold them in place



NavePoint Dual Vertical LCD Monitor Mount Stand

This system is compatible with most LCD screens ranging from 13 inches up to 32 inches. The base has a heavy-duty clamp system for added durability and stability. You’ll get a durable metal design that is resistant to wear and tear.

You can tilt both monitors up and down 45 degrees. It’ll safely hold up to 17.6 pounds per mounting bracket. The mounting plates rotate a full 360 degrees as well. You can adjust the height through multiple settings so you can keep good posture when you use your monitors.


Has a heavy-duty clamp system
Can support larger LCD screens
Mounting plates swivel and tilt


May be slightly difficult to assemble
Only supports up to 17.6 pounds
Screws may not tighten enough to hold the monitors in place



VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

This stand will support monitors that weight up to 22 pounds. It has a 15 degree tilt and 360 degree swivel and rotation capabilities. You can also easily adjust the height along the pole to raise or lower your monitors.

You can mount this stand to your desk with a heavy-duty C-clamp or through the optional grommet mounting system. The center pole comes with detachable cable clips so you can keep your area neat and clean. You get everything you need to assemble your stand including any tools.


Comes with two different attachment options
Supports horizontal and vertical display
Holds up to 22 pounds per bracket


Can be difficult to tighten the brackets
Monitors may slide down the pole if you bump it
Can be hard to put together



VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Stand

You get four different package choices when you purchase this stand. It is freestanding with wide plastic feet for stability. You can adjust the tilt, rotation, swivel, and height of your monitors quickly and easily. It supports vertical and horizontal positioning as well.

The bottom of the base is padded to protect your desk or surface from scratches. The removable VESA plates are easy to install and remove. You get all of the tools that you need to put this stand together when you buy it.


Bottom of the stand has padding to prevent scratches
Freestanding design is easy to manipulate and move
Comes in four different package choices


Positioning the monitors is time-consuming
Base isn’t heavy enough to support two heavy monitors
May have difficulty fully extending the height