Best Triple Monitor Mount Reviews – 2020 Edition

If you have ever had back, neck, shoulder pain or eye strain from using your computer monitor for hours at a time you don’t have to be told about the importance of height adjustment of your monitor for your personal well-being and health. Working with multiple monitors is complicated enough without adding pain to the task, so it goes without saying that setting up your work or gaming station to be as comfortable and ergonomic as possible should be high on your list of priorities to prevent future injury down the road and to enhance your comfort in the present. This is where mounting stands and monitor mounts come in. For the benefit of this article, we will be looking at the best triple monitor mount products.


Benefits Of Triple Monitor Mounts

The benefits of a monitor mount for your health is well documented. Having monitors adjusted to the correct height improves posture, increases circulation, reduces discomfort and improves performance. Not to mention it can make you feel a lot better.

A second benefit is that it will free up valuable desk space to make room for other things. Many models also come with cable management which will help organize all the cords and cables and keep them neatly tucked away, safe from being tripped over or having things spill on them. It also makes things look much tidier and more organized. Some even come with built in USB ports.

There are many different types of monitor stands, and this article will review 9 of the best triple monitor mount products on the market. Before you decide which type you need, you should know how it is going to be mounted. There are a couple of different types of mounts.


C-Clamp Or Freestanding Triple Monitor Mount

A clamp mount (C Clamp) attaches to the back of a table or desk and is the most simple and inexpensive choice that will work for most users except for thin surfaces like glass where there is nothing to attach the clamp to. In that case, you would want a freestanding mount. A freestanding mount will take up space so it’s important to consider your needs in this regard as well

Mounting stands with arms are a good solution if you want to elevate your monitors and be able to adjust them to different levels and heights. An adjustable stand allows you to move your monitor easily from landscape to portrait position and back again with a few fluid turns. Different models allow for different adjustments and degree of tilt.

The last important thing to understand when shopping for a mount is what VESA is all about.


Understanding VESA

VESA defines the distance in millimetres between mounting holes on the back of your monitor and is a standard used for wall mounting systems. The most commonly used ones for computer screens are 75×75 and 100×100. The fastest and easist way to check what size you need is to simply measure the distance in mm between the back of your monitors’ screws.

With this knowledge in mind, here is a review of 9 popular triple monitor mounts:


Best Triple Monitor Mount Reviews


VIVO Triple Computer LCD Monitor Desk Mount VESA Stand

The VIVO Triple Computer LCD Monitor Desk Mount VESA Stand offers 90-degree tilt, 360-degree swivel and a 360 rotation, plus 12 points of articulation so you can easily adjust your monitors to any type of configuration you need. Switching from portrait to landscape positions is easy. Simply loosen or tighten the joints to make the arms move as fluidly as you would like. The frame is constructed of steel and is sturdy enough to hold monitors that weigh up to 22 pounds each.

Removable VESA plates that attach to the back of your screen allow you to easily mount your monitors so that they slide right onto the back of the stand. These Brackets fit VESA 75x75mm and 100x100mm and allow 1” screen height adjustment.
You can also mount the C-clamp to the edge of your desk which will free up desk space that the monitor’s original base would claim. You can secure the clamp by simply hand tightening. Cable management accessories are included to keep all your cords organized and neat.



Mount-It! Triple Monitor Stand Freestanding LCD Computer Screen Desk Mount for 19, 20, 22, 23, 24 Inch Monitors

This triple monitor stand fits most monitors, including, SAMSUNG, ACER, VIEWSONIC, LG, DELL, ASUS, HP, Emachines and AOC flat panel LCD and LED displays ranging from 13 to 24 inches. It is compatible with VESA 75 (75 x 75 mm) and VESA 100 (100 x 100mm). The Triple arms are height adjustable on the vertical pole. Side arms can articulate in three different locations to position your screens wherever you need them and it allows for each monitor to tilt up 80 degrees, down 45 degrees, or rotate 360 degrees. The side monitors can also swivel 360 degrees to allow you to use them either in the landscape or the portrait position.

The heavy-duty design will bear the weight of up to 22 lbs per monitor and the base can be either freestanding or grommeted to free up even more space. Cable management is included and the stand can be mounted on surfaces that are up to 2.5 inches thick.



Mount-It! MI-753 Triple Screen LCD Computer Monitor Desk Mount Stand Arm for 19 – 24 Inch Monitors

This Mount-It! Heavy duty stand and pole design are what makes this three monitor mount very sturdy. The mechanical monitor arms allow several height options for positioning your monitor wherever you need it for best ergonomic practices. It is VESA 75×75 and VESA 100×100 bolt pattern compatible. Double link swing arms support the three monitors and can be adjusted on the vertical tube for the best height adjustment. The articulating arms on the sides allow for swivelling up to 360 degrees and will tilt 45 degrees down and 80 degrees up for your comfort.

The mount works with monitors from 19 to 24 inches and can actually hold 27-inch monitors if one or more of them are placed into portrait mode. It will hold monitors up to 22 pounds each. All of the hardware for mounting is included



TechOrbits Three Monitor Stand Mount – SmartSWIVEL – Triple Computer Screen Desk Mount Arms – Full Motion Swivel Articulating Gas Springs

TechOrbits has engineered a triple monitor mount with articulating gas spring arms that will easily allow you to move your monitors around and adjust them for your comfort throughout your workday. The mount arms will support monitors up to 20 pounds each from 13 to 30 inches and have Vesa specifications of 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm.

Smart SWIVEL technology allows for self-balancing arms that will allow you to twist and turn your monitors to your individual taste. The mount is made out of strong heavy-duty aluminum that is both stylish and sturdy. A 3-year warranty along with all the mounting supplies you may need is included.



Mount-It! Triple Monitor Mount With USB Port, Height Adjustable 3 Monitor Arm Desk Stand

This triple monitor mount provides a full motion, articulating arm monitor mount with a clamp that can convert to a grommet base for multiple attachment options to your desk. Each VESA head bracket is compatible with 75×75 and 100×100 and will hold up to 14.3 lbs per arm. You can tilt your monitor 90 degrees up or down and rotate it 180 degrees. It has extra long arms to adjust for various scenarios like pyramid stack, gaming, or triple in-line.

The mount comes with cable management sleeves to help keep all of your cords organized and out-of-site and Integrated USB 3.0 and audio ports are built right into the base of the mount and extension cable for convenient connectivity.



LANGRIA LCD Triple Computer Monitor Stand Desk Mount Lift Arm Riser with C-Clamp & 2 USB Port

The Langria model fits most monitors from 15 to 27 inches and will hold up to 15.5 pounds of weight on each arm. It is VESA compatible (75x75mm or 100x100mm) and has two handy USB ports for easy charging. Like most triple-armed mounts it is fully adjustable and will tilt 90 degrees backward, and 80 degrees forward and it will swivel 360 degrees for portrait or landscape viewing.

A c-clamp is included so you can attach it to your work surface without needing to drill any holes, and it comes with cable management to keep your desk organized and ready at all times for work or gaming.



Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Stand- LCD Monitor Stand, Monitor Mount, Triple Monitor Arm

The Jestik Horizon is a triple monitor mount that will keep 3 three monitors from 15 inches to 27 inches firmly in place. Each arm will hold up to 17.7 pounds and is VESA Compliant at 75x75mm and 100x100mm. The VESA plate patterns can also be used with curved monitors. You can tilt and swivel your monitors easily with a 360° turning feature and position them exactly how you would like, either portrait or landscape, in a few motions. A quick release feature will allow you to swap out monitors without needing to disassemble and reassemble everything,

The mount has a heavy-duty industrial grade base and will sit firmly on the work surface. The pole size is 18 inches and an anti-theft kit protects your monitors. Built-in cable management will keep your space organized and uncluttered.



Jestik Arc Triple Monitor Stand – LCD Monitor Stand, Monitor Mount, Triple Monitor Arm

The Jestic Arc offers convenient quick release up and down adjustment of up to three 27 inch screens and each arm will hold a monitor up to 17.6 pounds. It is VESA compatible 75/100 and is designed to be both durable and functional. This monitor stand is a very basic model that will allow you to get your monitors up off the desk and at a height that will prevent soreness and stiffness in your kneck and back. It is ideal for people seeking an ergonomic solution for viewing their monitors without breaking the bank.

You can rotate and switch from landscape to portrait with this mount and you can also tilt the left and right monitors. The center monitor stays stationary. A cable management system will help keep a clutter free and gaming or work space.



XtremPro Triple Monitors Desk Mount Stand Mount

The XtremPro Triple Monitor Mount is an economical choice if you are looking for a basic model that is height adjustable and will clamp to your desk. This is a lighter duty mount than some of the others listed but it will still do the trick for monitors up to 27 inches. With this mount, you can adjust each monitor’s height individually or keep them all in line. They can also be installed in landscape or portrait configuration depending upon your needs.

For ergonomic support at a low price point, this is a sturdy mount made of heavy gauge steel and comes with an ultra heavy duty C clamp to attach it to your work space. It will tilt 15 degrees up or down and rotate your monitors 360 degrees and includes all the necessary hardware for installation.