Best Thin Bezel Monitors – 9 Of The Best For 2020

With PC enthusiasts displaying a renewed interest in monitor technology, display manufacturers have taken an interest in ensuring the aesthetics of their monitors are as important as the panel itself. Gone are the days of formless beige boxes or a repetitive lineup of frames that look identical to one another; these days it’s all about displaying the best picture available and looking good while doing it. Having a thin bezel is one of the best ways for a high-quality monitor to stand out from the crowd, and companies have started releasing their displays with bezels as thin as a couple millimeters.

Despite the subjective nature of a monitor’s outward appearance, thin bezels have real benefits to casual PC users as well as enthusiasts and professionals. The obvious application is in setups that utilize more than one display; removing the bulky bezel from a monitor’s edge provides a near seamless transition from one display to another when viewed side-by-side. This bezel-less transition can make multi monitor set ups appear to be one massive ultra-wide monitor,greatly improving the user’s experience.

Thin bezels or bezel-less monitors can also improve the viewing experience on single monitor setups. Some display manufacturers have begun using “zero-frame” or “frameless monitor” designs that use rounded edges at the limit of the frame. Monitors with these frames will appear to have almost no bezel at all. Being able to view an image without any frame in your peripheral vision is something you have to experience in person to truly appreciate.

Below we’ve compiled a list of our favorite thin bezel displays in no particular order. These represent some of the best monitors on the market today for every purpose. From gaming, to professional work, to casual usage, there’s a monitor in this list to fit your needs.




Best Bezel-Less And Best Thin Bezel Monitors Reviewed

AOC I2267FW – Thin Bezel Monitor

This inexpensive frameless monitor by AOC not only has a thin bezel, it’s an IPS panel with great viewing angles and good contrast. It’s hard to find IPS monitor panels in this range and almost impossible to find one with such a thin bezel which measures in at only 2mm. Ideal for smaller work spaces or as an extra display, this 22” AOC boasts a 5ms response time making it usable for both gaming and entertainment purposes.

While the AOCI2267FW budget monitor is usable as a gaming display, it won’t offer the same hyper-accurate color representation as more expensive panels. The same goes for professional creators and designers who need near perfect color quality in their displays. The level of quality present in this frameless design panel will still be better than most TN panels in its range, and the ultra-thin bezel makes it a great candidate for a seamless multiple display experience. Stacking two or even three of these next to each other will create a good setup for work or casual computer use.

Overall, this is a well-rounded budget display with something for almost every user. It comes with VGA, DVI-D and HDCP ports, and also sports a detachable monitor stand.


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Dell UltraSharp U2715H

A high-end Dell IPS panel designed for professionals and aimed specifically for those looking at a dual monitor setup, the UltraSharp U2715H brings hyper-accurate color recreation and greyscale performance to the thin bezel lineup. Compatible with both single and dual arm mount units, the U2715H is built to provide the flawless transition of a razor-thin bezel for professional creators who demand that kind of work space and color accuracy.

With a high native contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a high peak brightness, the UltraSharp gives designers the clarity needed for their work. The 27-inch QHD display gives content creators a wide native resolution of 2560 x 1440 to work with. Extremely wide viewing angles ensure that even in multiple display setups the Ultra Sharp will maintain a high degree of visual color accuracy for the user. This is aided by the ultra-thin 1mm bezel around the frame.

Multiple input/ouput options, including DisplayPort and Mini-DisplayPort, ensure that the UltraSharp will be compatible with a wide range of present and future devices. It is also compatible with VESA mounts.

The only downside to the UltraSharp U2715H is it’s relatively slow response time of 8ms grey-to-grey (GtG), which could be a factor for gaming enthusiasts. Most professional creators won’t find an issue with that, however, and it’s an ideal choice for its intended audience.


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Acer Full HD SB220Q

Featuring a futuristic design aesthetic and a sturdy stand, the Acer SB220Q is an ultra-thin bezel Full HD resolution monitor with a high degree of color accuracy. An array of ports including HDMI ports, VGA DisplayPort and MiniDisplay port are present on the back of the display, and while it lacks USB ports it does have a 3.5mm audio jack for external speakers and headphones.

The real highlight to this IPS panel computer monitor, aside from the space-age design that makes it a head turner, is the near-perfect color accuracy present in the display. It sits in the middle of the pack for maximum native contrast at 510:1 and isn’t as bright as some of its competitors, but it’s more than usable even in a sunlit room. Due to the lack of a glossy finish, the brightness limitation never feels restrictive and the contrast ratio is still high compared to a lot of available monitors.

The FHD Acer SB220Q’s average color error rate of just 1.01 (lower is better and anything below 1.0 is unnoticeable by the human eye) makes it one of the best monitors on the market for color accuracy. The Acer SB220Q is happiest when under the careful eye of creators and designers who demand perfect color recreation.

A number of buttons on the bottom of the monitor allow for additional customization, and the options present in the monitors menu are robust. Further calibration of the display’s color settings can bring the average color accuracy down to .94, putting it well below the 1.0 mark. The majority of the Acer SB220Q’s users won’t need to bother with additional post-calibration; it’s a gorgeous monitor right out of the box and is ready to be used as soon as it arrives.


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Acer Predator XB271HU

A gaming monitor through and through, the Predator XB271HU ticks all the boxes gamers will want in a thin-bezel LED monitor. Featuring NVIDIA G-Sync, a 144hz refresh rate, and an IPS panel, the XB271HU will look beautiful, keep up with the fastest twitch shooter gameplay, and give one of the best gaming experiences available in a thin bezel monitor.

That 144hz refresh rate can be further overclocked to reach a maximum refresh rate of 165hz, and includes G-Sync to prevent screen-tearing and other artifacts during graphic intensive gameplay. More than doubling the standard 60hz refresh rate found on most LED monitors, the XB271HU makes every shot, every mouse click, and every battle feel unbelievably smooth. It’s a fantastic gaming experience and most gamers won’t be able to return to “normal” 60hz refresh rate monitors after experiencing a 144hz one.

Combine all of this with a 1440p (2560 x 1440) widescreen native resolution, and the XB271HU is a real competitor in the gaming market. Additional customized Acer gaming settings and a 1000:1 native contrast ratio are just the icing on the cake for this gaming monster.


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ASUS MX27AQ 27-Inch Monitor

Another WQHD 27-inch monitor on this list, this one is made by ASUS and aimed squarely at gamers. While amateur designers and creators will appreciate the IPS panels high degree of color accuracy and display vibrancy, the true market here is for hardcore gamers who demand the absolute best picture quality and responsiveness.

One of the few ultra-thin monitors available with quality speakers, the MX27AQ has jaw dropping sound… for a monitor. It still won’t compete with an actual set of desk speakers, but it’s pretty incredible how usable these really are. Good contrast ratios, a high degree of color accuracy, and an acceptable 5ms response time round out the features gamers will appreciate on the MX27AQ. This monitor also comes with 3 HDMI ports (one of which is MLH 2.0), headphone jack and a Display Port 1.2.

It also includes the ASUS suite of gaming tweaks and settings, from “Game Mode” to special color settings that help bring additional clarity to your gaming experience. For buyers seeking a high-quality gaming monitor, there aren’t many other competitive options in this range.


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A high-end gaming monitor designed to compete with the top entries available on the market today, the ASUS ROG Swift PG27A is a dream list of specifications and gaming focused functions. Running in native 4K resolution and equipped with NVIDIA G-Sync, there are few thin bezel options that match the PG27A’s sheer performance.

While it may not have the thinnest bezel on this list, it’s still very narrow, measuring in at around 5mm. This makes it an ideal choice for dual monitor gaming. The 27-inch screen size and 4k resolution deliver the maximum clarity and quality a monitor can provide, and a high degree of color accuracy from the IPS panel help make it one of the best panels available.

The only noticeable downside to the PG27A is the lack of a high refresh rate. It has a 4ms response time, which is more than enough for competitive gaming, but its 60hz refresh rate limits its usefulness when paired with a high-end GPU. The addition of NVIDIA G-Sync does help to ensure that even when running on maximum settings the PG27A will be free of screen tearing and artifacts.


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Acer H277HU

This 27-inch IPS display panel comes with USB-C connectors, one of the few on this list that boasts this functionality. Designed to be a widescreen mid-range display, the H277HU can be used for designers, gamers, and everyday use. It’s WQHD resolution (1440p) gives a wide viewing area, and its zero-bezel design means there’s almost no frame to the panel at all.

With good color accuracy and additional tools included to help fine-tune color recreation, the Acer H277HU can be used by creators and gamers alike. The ultra-fast 4ms response time ensures lag-free gaming and entertainment. A number of other features, like the Blue Light setting and flicker-free technology help to reduce eye fatigue and make the H277HU a great all-purpose monitor.


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LG 27UD68-P

Another USB-C capable monitor on this list, the LG 27UD68-P is an ultra-thin bezel monitor with a high degree of performance in this range. Featuring a 27-inch IPS panel that runs in native 4K resolution and making use of AMD FreeSync, it’s one of the few LG monitors aimed at gamers and movie enthusiasts.

Able to display 99% of the SRGB color gamut, the 27UD68-P can also be used for professional creators and designers. Out of the box color accuracy is very high, and can be further tuned with the monitors display settings. For gamers and movie enthusiasts, the 60hz refresh rate and 5ms GtG response time are more than adequate for fast-paced action without any screen tearing or ghosting.


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Acer Predator X34

The last entry on our list is a gamer’s dream. A massive 34-inch 1440p curved display? Its got that. NVIDIA G-Sync and an overclocked refresh rate up to 100hz? It’s there. Super low latency gaming performance? No problem its got that too.

With a high degree of color accuracy covering 98% of the SRGB color gamut, games look gorgeous on the X34. The gigantic curved IPS panel display helps immerse you in the gaming experience in ways that conventional flat monitors are unable to do. NVIDIA G-Sync helps make sure the high-quality panel doesn’t suffer from screen tearing, and there’s no ghosting even in frantic, fast-paced shooters.

Aesthetically, the Acer Predator X34 also oozes gaming charisma, with LED lighting and the menacing Predator logo across the front. For gamers and multimedia enthusiasts, there are few displays that provide this level of quality and immersion with an ultra thin bezel.


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