Best Monitors for Programming – 2020

As every professional programmer will know, working can be made much easier by getting a monitor that is well suited for programming. Non-programmers may not understand this. However, professionals know that to work all day on a monitor, especially on very complex and involved projects, is much easier if the monitor is well suited to the work. There aren’t very many monitors that are made specifically for programmers. However, many professional programmers have found that gaming monitors work very well for their purposes.

Gaming monitors have very high resolution, large screens, high refresh rates, and perhaps most importantly, have widescreen aspect ratios. All these specifications are great for gaming, but they are also very good for programming.

A side benefit of this is that many programmers do game, so they could use the same monitors for recreation after they have finished the day’s work. They can even use these monitors to game during breaks from their work. This piece will discuss eight of the best monitors for coding that are available on the market today. While what the actual best monitor is will differ based on the programmer, the type of work, and simply personal preference, these eight monitors will likely contain the best choice for any given programmer.

To learn more about the best programming monitors available, read on.

HP 23.8-inch Monitor with Built-in Speakers and Tilt/Height Adjustment (Black)

This is one of the smaller monitors on the list, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Many programmers prefer a smaller monitor because this makes the visuals easier to manage and categorize. It can be easy to get lost when using a very large monitor. There is a widespread drive and motivation to use larger and larger monitors, but many seasoned professionals will reject this and instead work with a 24-inch monitor like this HP model. Many programmers also like to listen to music while they’re working, and this monitor has built-in high-quality speakers. This will enable the programmer to listen to music through the speakers rather than through headphones. If you are in an environment where you may need to hear the directions of your boss or co-worker, this feature can be more valuable than you might think. Finally, this monitor features a very wide range of tilt and height adjustment. This can change not only the height, but also the tilt to the preferences of the programmer. Some programmers prefer a high or low desk, and so programmers prefer high or low chairs. This may seem like a minor detail, but when you are working your level of comfort is paramount.

Sceptre 24 Inch 1080p 75Hz LED Monitor with HDMI VGA, Black Metal Model 2018

Sceptre may not be a very well-known brand of monitor to the average consumer, but many programmers will recognize this brand as a prestigious maker of large high-end technologically-advanced monitors. Sceptres are favorites among both gamers and professional programmers. This particular model is also of the smaller 24-inch size. The programmers that do prefer the smaller monitors have more choice than they might realize at first. This monitor features 1080p resolution, which is widely considered to be absolutely necessary on monitors of 20 inches or larger. It also features a quick 75 Hz refresh rate. There are monitors on this list that have quick refresh rates, but 75 Hz is more than fast enough for most programmer’s needs.

This monitor is backlit by LEDs, for greater color accuracy and also less eye strain. Obviously, having less eye strain is very important for programmers who often spend a dozen hours a day staring at the screen. This model also features a very durable metal construction, making it sturdier than many of the monitors on the market. Programmers depend on their monitors on a day-to-day basis, so a very sturdy construction is highly desirable.

Acer Monitor 24 Inch 1080p 144Hz Refresh Rate 1 Milisecond Response Time with Height, Pivot, Tilt, and Swivel (HDMI/MHL, & DVI Port)

Acer is one of the most popular and best-known companies for technology such as computers (whether you’re talking about laptops or desktops) and, of course, monitors. This 24-inch monitor can be found across the globe in various offices where people who need a high-def quick monitor work. Of course, programmers fit into this category. This monitor is well known to be a favorite, and for good reason. It features 1080p high resolution for greater readability and versatility. It also features an extremely fast 144 Hz refresh rate. Additionally, it has a 1 millisecond response time. This ensures that if you are writing code very quickly and need to keep an eye on various programs, this monitor is up to the task. It is also highly adjustable, so you can put the monitor at the perfect setting which will ensure that you are comfortable throughout a long day of work.

MSI HD Monitor 24″ Curved Anti-Glare 1 Milisecond LED Widescreen 1080p 144Hz Refresh

This 24-inch MSI monitor stands out from the other monitors on this list due to one main feature. It has an anti-glare coating on the monitor that many people find quite useful. Especially if you work in a sunny office or room, having an anti-glare monitor can help you greatly. Many people like to work in a great deal of natural light, but the glare will make their monitors difficult to use. That is not the case with this particular monitor. In addition to this unique feature, it also has a feature that is only shared by a few more monitors at this point. The screen is curved. This makes it easier to read and use, and more natural for the human eye to process. This monitor features a 1 millisecond response time and a 144Hz refresh rate. This is among the fastest times on the market, so you know it can handle the most hardcore programming tasks. It is also has an HD screen with a widescreen orientation, which allows you to run more programs at the same time.

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LG 34″ 21:9 Curved UltraWide Monitor w/ USB Quick Charge

This huge LG monitor is one of the more high-end options on this list. Many programmers who work for large companies are furnished with these monitors when the company wants their programmers to have the absolute best and really values their work. This monitor measures 34 inches. It has a 21 to 9 widescreen aspect ratio for greater usability when working on multiple programs. It is also curved, for even greater ergonomics. One unique feature that this monitor has that no other monitor on this list has is the USB quick charge. The monitor itself has USB ports that allow the charging of devices such as cell phones. Many programmers often find themselves without enough USB ports, so they monitor could be a lifesaver in the right situation.

Dell UltraSharp 34″ Curved LED Backlit Monitor

This monitor collects many of the best features found in other monitors on this list and puts them together in one affordable and attractive package. It features Dell’s proprietary UltraSharp technology, which is intended to make the screen more readable and sharper, even compared to other 1080p screens. The screen measures a full 34 inches, so you can fit all of the programs on one monitor without having to worry about hooking up two separate monitors and syncing them. This monitor is also curved, which is especially helpful and particularly increases the readability on such a large monitor. Finally, it is backlit by LEDs for greater energy efficiency and color accuracy. Many programmers also are fans of the Dell brand, as they are known for making high quality and very durable monitors that meet the extraordinary demands that programmers place on their monitors on a day-to-day basis.

LG 34″ 21:9 Ultra Wide Monitor with 1 Milisecond Motion Blur Reduction and FreeSync

LG makes its second appearance on this list with another high-end monitor. This monitor may be the most technologically-advanced of any of the monitors on this list. Like many of the higher-end entries in this article, it is a 34-inch monitor. There are certainly larger monitors available, but it seems that the largest monitor that can be used to work day in and day out is 34 inches. There is a wide consensus amongst programmers on this topic, which is why so many manufacturers produce high-end monitors in the 34-inch range. This monitor features an ultra-wide widescreen aspect ratio, for even greater readability and usability when operating multiple programs. Of course, all professional programmers will operate multiple programs at once a majority of the time. This monitor, as you might expect, has a 1 millisecond response time. This is very important when doing fast-moving programming work on complex programs. Having the quickest possible response time will add up to an appreciable time savings over a long work day. This monitor also feature is LG’s proprietary FreeSync and blur reduction technologies. This helps the monitor response and helps make everything more readable. Ensuring the readability of text on such a high resolution and large monitor is an important concern for programmers, and it is one concern that this monitor does address effectively. This item is growing in popularity of amongst programmers, and for good reason.

VIOTEK 34 inch Curved Monitor 1440p Widescreen HD 100hz With HDMI with DisplayPort For Gaming

Viotek is another manufacturer that is not particularly well known amongst regular everyday people, but many programmers reading this article will probably recognize the brand name. They are known for making high-end monitors for people that actually need high-end monitors for their work. Many of the world’s highest-paid egamers use Viotek monitors. Programmers, as previously mentioned, often find the same monitors that are used by gamers are excellent for very high-level programming. This particular monitor, with a curved 34-inch screen, is both very large and highly energy efficient. Many manufacturers that make monitors with such large screens boast about the size of their screens, but what they don’t want to admit is that these screens can actually be difficult to read because of their size.

Curving the screen makes it much easier to read, which is not only makes the work process more efficient but also reduces eye strain. Eye strain can be a serious problem for many programmers, especially those that turn in 10 to 12 hour days. Not only does this monitor reduce eye strain, it also features a very fast refresh rate for the quickest code writing capabilities possible. Finally, this particular item also features gaming capabilities, which will let programmers have a good time in their much-needed breaks from work.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this article does feature eight of the best monitors that are available. However, which monitor is actually the best depends on each programmer’s situation. Not only does the work situation have a huge influence on which monitor is the optimal choice, each programmer’s personal preference will play a large part of the decision. Some programmers prefer the smaller screens, which are usually 24 inches in the highly capable and technologically advanced monitors placed on this list. Other programmers prefer the larger 34-inch screens, which allows them to have more programs up at once but can harm readability in some cases.

Also, many programmers like to have gaming capabilities with their monitors for their breaks and so they can relax after work. However, some coders find this to be highly distracting and believe they will not get as much work done using a gaming monitor. It’s a good idea for each programmer to write down a list of the things they need in a monitor and the things they don’t want in a monitor before starting the selection process. There are so many great monitors out there on the market that it can be hard to choose one. This process will greatly simplify the decision.