Best Monitor Wall Mount Reviews – 2020 Edition

Your ideal workstation should incorporate ergonomics to promote your health and comfort during long hours of work, causal internet browsing, or playing games. Many computer users improperly set their monitors too low, high, close, or far away, and this leads to unnecessary back, shoulder, and neck strain. It can also cause eyestrain if your monitor is too close or far from your face. The best monitor wall mount can help you achieve ergonomic perfection.


Why The Best Monitor Wall Mount?

According to the Director of Human Factors and Ergonomics at Cornell University, you should adjust the top of your screen to be 2 to 3 inches above eye level. Finding your proper depth, sit normally and extend your arm toward your screen. Your middle finger should almost touch at the screen’s middle. An ergonomic setup can be hard to achieve without the use of a wall mount, which gives your monitor the adjustable angles and height you will need for the proper height and distance. In turn, users see a decrease in aches and pains and an increase in productivity and focus. One more benefit to a wall mounted monitor is giving you more desk space.


What To Look For In The Best Monitor Wall Mount

A decent monitor arm will support VESA mounts, which is the industry standard, or have the option to support VESA holes via a removable mount or plate. Another feature will be multiple movements, including up and down and side to side. Forward, back, rotation, and tilt are also important for achieving a customized fit. However, every user should customize their setup and features to suit their needs, height, and ergonomically optimize their home or office workstation. In addition to housing monitors, many wall mounts are fully compatible with LCD televisions or have the ability to house more than one monitor.


Best Monitor Wall Mount Reviews


AmazonBasics Premium Wall Mount

This model features mobility, including limited tilt, 180-degree side-to-side pan, and 360-degree rotation for portrait or landscape viewing. The arm swings outward to 25-inches. The height is adjustable up to 13-inches too, which offers a little flexibility for taller users when seated.

The VESA holes are 100×100 mm and 75×75 mm. The AmazonBasics model’s maximum weight capacity is a hefty 25lbs. and the maximum size is 32-inches, making it an ideal housing for heavy or larger size monitors.

The AmazonBasics wall mount does not come fully assembled; however, the instructions are clear and construction is quick. All hardware comes in the box. This model is limited to wall (stud) mounting. Included with it is a 1-year limited warranty.

When not in use, you can push the monitor toward its wall mounting for easy and out of the way storage.

The AmazonBasics Premium Wall Mount is ideal if you have a larger or heavier monitor and aesthetics or assembly are not your concerns.



North Bayou TV Monitor Wall Mount

The North Bayou gives you a fully customized experience by utilizing a durable gas-strut that allows repositioning with a lightest touch. The 35-degree and -50-degree tilt gives you full control over glare and angles, and it has a swivel range of 180-degrees with a 360-degree rotation for viewing comfort.

Maximum extension from the wall is 15.2 inches, but you can adjust the arm for an additional 6.1-inch in height. This space-saving model is ideal for smaller and lighter monitors and fits most 17 to 27 inch models. Its weight limit is on the lower side at a maximum of 14.4lbs, but this makes it a great solution without having to add weight to your monitor to stabilize it, which is necessary with other wall mounts. The VESA plate offers 100×100 mm and 75×75 mm holes.

Installation is easy and everything you need is in the box, including an Allen wrench.

The North Bayou is ideal for anyone who wants a fully customizable wall mount, has a lighter monitor, and prefers the space-saving features too.



WALI Universal Dual LCD Monitor

The WALI dual wall mount features a removable VESA plate for 75×75 mm and 100×100 mm mounts, which makes it compatible with a larger range of monitors that are not VESA compliant. It will house up to two 27-inch screens.

The gas spring mechanism on this model gives you tilting to 90-degrees and rotating 360-degrees to allow landscape or portrait modes. This model provides extra support for heavier monitors up to 15.4 lbs. on each side, but the adjustable tension secures lighter monitors as well.

Each arm adjusts independently, and this is necessary in a dual monitor display, especially if you use two different monitors. The maximum height is only 16 inches, but an additional 9.5 inches in the adjustable arm increases the height and angle. The maximum extension of this model is 17 inches, which is helpful for taller seated adults. You can also mount this model on brick or wood.

The versatility this mount offers is perfect for anyone requiring a dual non-VESA compatible model while still being able to enjoy the benefits of a fully customized monitor setup. Of course it’s a great choice for VESA compatibility too.



Loctek DW5W Adjustable Swivel Single Arm Monitor Wall Mount

The Loctek DW5W sets up in minutes and comes fully assembled and ready for mounting. It uses aircraft grade aluminum and injected molded plastic in its design. It is one of the few brands to incorporate an elegant style with functionality. The brushed silver finish matches many decors.

This model fits most 10-inch to 24-inch monitors, and the mounting plate features VESA 100×100 mm and 75×75 mm holes. The maximum weight it holds is only 11 lbs.

Effortlessly adjust your tilt angle 85-degrees backward to reduce glare or swivel 180-degrees for landscape or portrait viewing while the torque control valve regulates arm movement. This model also has 90-degree side-to-side tilt.

This model horizontally extends up to 22.4 inches with a vertical extension upward of 9.2 inches. You can lower the arm on this model by 2.6 inches. It will also collapse on itself when not in use to save space and offers hidden cord storage.

If you do not require full motion or greater downward tilt, but you want a sturdy construction and upscale design, the Loctek DW5W might be a great fit for you.



VIVO Dual Monitor Wall Mount

Each monitor you place on the VIVO Dual Monitor Wall Mount has full independent adjustment capabilities—this includes tilt, up/down, rotation, and swivel. Installation is easy and this mounts to wood, concrete, and brick.

Includes VESA mount plate with 75×75 mm and 100×100 mm holes. Gas springs allow for 90-degree swivel, 360-degree rotation, and 30-degree independent setup for two monitors. Each side will house monitors up to 24 inches and 17.6 lbs.

Each arm is 12 inches long. The maximum distance from your wall on this model will be 19 inches and the minimum is 7.5 inches when folded.

Assembly is quick and all parts and hardware are in the box; however, you will need to put it together yourself.

The VIVO Dual monitor model works well if you require mounting for two monitors and need independent adjustments. While it isn’t aesthetically pleasing, it makes up for it in functionality.



Mount-It! Dual LCD Monitor Wall Mount

This dual mounting gem is perfect for larger monitors, up to 30-inch screens and 19.8 lbs. for each monitor. Features a 90-degree upward tilt and 20 degrees down. It can swivel 360 degrees at two joints or 180-degrees at one. The rotation is 360-degrees for both sides. You can further fully adjust each arm independently, including the tension, to perfect your angle. Includes a VESA standard plate with both 100×100 mm and 75×75 mm mounting holes.

The overall design of this model makes it a great addition to a home or office environment. It has a clean, sleek look that hides cables and the mounting plate well. It is made from high-quality die-cast aluminum.

The Mount It! model is ideal if you need to house two larger, heavier monitors without losing the flexibility and function other models have to offer.



Loctek DW7 Computer Monitor Wall Mount

Another style-meets-function win from Loctek is the DW7 model, and this one out performs the DW5W. The DW7 houses monitors or televisions weighing up to 19.8 lbs. It will also fit most 10-inch to 27-inch monitors (or televisions) and includes a VESA mounting plate for both 100×100 mm and 75×75 mm holes. The sturdiness of this design uses aircraft quality aluminum and injection-molded plastic construction, like in the DW5W.

The DW7 model extends up to 22 inches from the wall, and the vertical distance has a maximum range of 12-inches. It features minus 90-degree to 15-degree tilt, 180-degree rotation to portrait or landscape modes, 90-degree swivel, and arm extension. The torque control valve stabilizes and regulates arm movement too.

Setup is easy and the fully assembled arm comes ready to mount. Mounting plate and hardware come in the box.

The DW7 is a great choice for larger sized or heavier monitors or televisions. Of course, if aesthetics are your concern, this model fits a variety of decors.



Ergotech Freedom Arm

Ergotech offers the easiest install among wall mounts and the arm slides off the mount effortlessly. It is suitable for monitors under 27 inches and weighing up to 17.8 lbs., and it offers VESA compatibility for 100×100 mm and 75×75 mm monitors.

This adjustable model offers 90-degree upward tilt and 45-degree downward tilt with 180-degree pan and 360-degree rotation. The height adjusts 14 inches and the outward extension ranges up to 24-inches.

While this is a wall mount, you can also mount it to a desk or the ceiling. You can also mount the Ergotech on concrete or wood with the included hardware. It also comes with a 3-year warranty.

If you need a durable, full motion wall mount that is simple to install, this model might be your solution.



Atdec VF-AT-W Wall Mount

A versatile piece suitable for your home, offices, or anywhere you need. Offering a sleek design of polished silver finish, the Atdec compliments multiple styles. Included with this model is the option for desk installation and wire storage. It is Green Star compliant too.

The Atdec model sits nearly flush when you fold it. You can extend it up to 17.87 inches outward. A 70-degree tilt offers you full control over your preferred angle and glare reduction. In addition, the 180-degree pan is perfect for landscape or portrait viewing and side-to-side adjustments. The height extends up to an additional 5 inches too.

The housing will hold monitors and televisions from 12-inches to 24-inches with a maximum weight of 17.5 lbs. The mounting is VESA compliant, featuring holes for 100×100 mm and 75×75 mm models. The Atdec also includes a 10-year limited warranty


Ergonomics and space-saving features are two reasons to consider a monitor wall mount. Whether for play or work, using the proper set up can alleviate many common issues associated with eyestrain and neck or shoulder pain. Don’t stop there. Create an ideal, safe space and invest in your health.