Best Monitor Risers – 2022 Edition

Monitor Risers That Are Matchless

Given the fact that a lot of us in the workforce spend a lot of the day looking at a computer screen and sitting down, posture, particularly back and neck position is incredibly important. Looking at computer screens all day can hurt our necks and back a lot. However, investing in the best monitor risers will help us eliminate these pains.

Investing in the best monitor risers can help us have our laptop or computer monitor at a level that is close to eye level. Not only will it not hurt your back and neck anymore, it will improve your posture as well. There are a lot of different models of monitor risers as well as the features that they come with vary. If you are looking for a computer monitor riser, I am going to share a good variety of what is available on the market for you so you can get a taste of what is out there while you are looking for one.


Best Monitor Risers  – Comparison Table


Product Image
Product Name
Star Rating

Fitueyes Computer Monitor StandSimple and slim design

Fits perfectly into any decor

Adds an elegant look to your desktop or work area
4.6 out of 5

FITUEYES Clear Computer Monitor RiserLarge bearing capacity

More stable

Load up to 55lbs
4.7 out of 5

Ecobambu Monitor Stand Riser With DrawersVersatile Desk Organizer

Perfect 100% Moso Bamboo

Load Better Than Plastic Stand
4.5 out of 5

Defy Desk Black RiserEasy To Sit/Stand

Ergonomic Height Range

Fully Assembled
4.8 out of 5

SONGMICS Bamboo 2-Tier Monitor Stand Risermore comfortable position

Reduce neck and eyes strain

Providing better viewing experience
4.7 out of 5

Prosumer’s Choice Bamboo TV/Monitor Stand And RiserAll-in-one solution

Solid bamboo construction

Organize your desk or entertainment center
4.5 out of 5


Why We Really Need Computer Monitor Risers

There are a lot of advantages to having a screen riser and every one of them makes a day on the job a better one. We just need to put a small amount of time and effort into setting up our work area to make it an efficient place to work. The result of this effort will be our health and amount of the work we are able to improve. The benefits to our health, work, and the amount of space we use at work are plentiful.


The Ability to Work More Abundantly

The Department of Labor and Industries says that products that are designed to make workplaces more efficient have been proven to be more effective. By putting a few simple items in your workplace to make it better can have a big impact on how you look at things and how productive you are at work.


How it Helps Our Health

Utilizing a monitor riser can cause us to feel less pain in our backs and necks. They also make it easier for us to be able to have good posture all throughout our workday. If we consider how much money is spent on people getting hurt at work, it is necessary to use a monitor riser as a preventive measure.


Saving Space

For people that do not have a lot of workspace, finding the right monitor riser for them can be very beneficial to them. They keep the workspace free to store documents and tools and can move complicated cords and wires out of their way.


The Diversity of Monitor Risers For Desks

Like many other products, there is not one type of monitor riser that is for everybody. That is the reason why there are a few different models of them for every workplace. No matter whether it is for a workstation at home or in the office, there is a monitor riser available on the market to meet all of our needs.


Monitor Stand-

A monitor stand is a fairly basic design that makes it possible for us to put our laptop or monitor on top of a mini desk or platform. It keeps it elevated just a little bit so we can avoid straining our necks while we are reading our monitors.

Monitor Risers For Dual Monitors-

These risers are for people that use two monitors at a time. This type of riser comes with arms that can be adjusted or as two separate platforms. The one that is used the most is the one with arms that can be adjusted due to the fact that we can move them around whenever we need to throughout our workday.

Laptop Risers-

These risers are made exclusively for computers that we would take on-the-go with us. Therefore, they are just right for the offices that we have in our homes. They come with air vents or fans so our laptops will not get too hot and allow us to put our laptops at the height that we need to have a workspace that is designed to be efficient with space for a keyboard under it.

The Monitor Arm Riser-

This type of riser is designed to be attached to the back of your monitor or laptop. They can be moved around with an adjustable system. They are just right for those of us whose share their monitors with other people or need to move their workplace setup on a regular basis.


Characteristics of Computer Monitor Risers

It is not always easy to find a high-quality computer monitor riser due to the fact that there is are a lot of risers that make the workplace more efficient available on the market. We need to think about how our own personal workstations are set up and what is very important to us. Then we need to look for a riser that meets these characteristics. There are a lot of important characteristics to consider when we are looking for a monitor riser.


Depending on our workstation, the best monitor riser is the one that can be used with a good variety of machines. Whether we want to use our laptops in our home offices or take it to work and use it with a personal computer monitor, we need to find one that will adapt to our needs.


The most important advantage of a monitor is them being efficient to the workplace as it is very critical. It is a good idea to not purchase a cheaper model that is not efficient for a workstation because our health and comfort will pay for it in the long run.


Depending on the style of the riser that we are in need of, the majority of quality monitor risers ought to cost less than one-hundred dollars. If we need a riser for dual monitors and other extras, then we should plan on paying a bit more for these features.


Being able to adjust our monitor risers is very important. A one-size-fits-all riser will not provide us with the personalized support for our backs and necks. With an adjustable monitor, we can adjust the height and angle of our screens so we can have it just the way we need it to be every time or to meet the needs of other people that may be using our workstation for a while.

Since we all need a computer monitor riser that will meet our individual needs, we need to do some research prior to deciding which riser we are going to get. We think need about our workspace and what is most important to us, and then move on from there to decide which model is best for us. It could even be one of the models that I am going to show you now.


Check Out What We Think Are The Best Monitor Risers On The Market


Fitueyes Computer Monitor Stand

This computer monitor stand can hold laptops, printers, monitors, and fax machines. A laptop can be stored under it to save space. It is also a great accessory for a desk and it will make a desk look more organized. It has a simple and slim design will fit with any style of decor and make any workstation look elegant. This stand is also multi-functional as it can be used as a monitor stand or a television stand. Its height also adjusts to an optimal viewing angle to help reduce eye and neck strain.


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FITUEYES Clear Computer Monitor Riser

Clear off your desktop and get extra organizing space with this monitor stand that also functions as a riser. It uses clear glass that is durable enough to hold up to 55 pounds of weight without cracking or breaking.

You can adjust the height up to 12mm or simply use it as-is right on top of your desk. It works just as well on another flat surface such as a table.

The nickel-plated feet work with the glass to give the stand a modern look. As it uses tempered glass, you don’t need to worry about its integrity. The stand also adjusts to help you use your monitor at the best angle for you.


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Ecobambu Monitor Stand Riser With Drawers

This monitor stand riser will adjust your laptop or monitor to a more comfortable that provides less strain on the eyes and neck of the person that uses it by providing them with a better view and posture. The useful modern design is easy to open and people can store their favorite things (glasses, cell phone, etc) or office supplies in it.

This riser will also properly display a laptop, computer monitor, television, speaker. It also saves space because it can also store pens, water bottles, and desk phones in it. The keyboard and mouse can be stored under the riser, which will save space on a desk. This item is also of high-quality as it is made of 100% Moso Bamboo that is stronger than maple or oak and the shape will not distort easily.. It can also hold up to 80 pounds. Along with all of these great features, this riser is easy to clean with a damp cloth or hand washing with a mild soap and water. They cannot be run through the dishwasher or soaked. To help this product last longer, it needs to be dry with a clean towel after every wash.


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Defy Desk Black Riser

When this riser is in use, the user can sit or stand while they use it. This desk has a height that can be adjusted and it is easy to use even with heavy loads like dual monitors on it. It is also easy to lower and raise this riser many times a day. The height can also be adjusted to two-hundred different positions. The two-tier design provides the user with an upper display surface for their monitor and a removable and spacious keyboard and mouse deck that goes up and down when the upper deck does. It can hold up to 37.5 pounds.


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SONGMICS Bamboo 2-Tier Monitor Stand Riser

This monitor riser is effective to elevate a monitor or laptop for a more comfortable position to get rid of strain on the eyes and neck and providing a better viewing experience. Part of this riser is a desktop organizer. The organizer can be adjusted and it has six slots and three separating boards to store whatever office supplies the user needs to store in it. On the lower shelf, the cooling fan, keyboard, books, and folders can be stored. The essentials can be stored close by and it also has two cell phone slots. It is also made out of 100% eco-friendly bamboo that will make a desk look more elegant and it can hold up to 80 pounds. It comes with the riser, a tool, and the instruction manual.


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Prosumer’s Choice Bamboo TV/Monitor Stand And Riser

This 30-inch riser has two drawers and it helps the people that use it get rid of clutter and the strain on backs, necks, and shoulders. It can raise monitors (including dual monitors) and televisions that have screens up to sixty-five inches in size. Along with being a riser, it is also an organizer with two built-in drawers that can store manuals, cables, and remote controls in one easy-to-find location. There is also cubby space for extra storage space.

The solid bamboo construction makes it possible for this riser to hold up to 220 pounds. Since it can hold televisions or computer monitors, it is an all-in-one solution. It is also an eco-friendly product as the bamboo it is made out of is all natural.


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These computer monitor risers and stands are matchless. I hope that my research and product reviews have helped you decide what riser is the best match for you. Even if you choose to purchase a more pricey riser, the benefits absolutely outweigh the expense and you will love all the perks of purchasing and owning a monitor riser.