Best Monitor Covers – Helping to Extend the Life of Your Monitor – 2022 Guide

One of the biggest investments for either your home or company is your computer. For that reason, you certainly want to protect its LCD display screen in order to be sure it will remain useful and clear throughout your computer’s lifetime. The best monitor covers are what you need to protect your monitor’s screen.

Smudges on your monitor’s screen can be caused by multiple fingerprints that often leave an oily residue. If you try to remove the prints with a cleaning solvent, the liquid may seep inside your computer and damage its electronics. One way to prevent unnecessary touching of your monitor’s screen is to use a cover when you are not using your computer.

Uncovered monitors can also collect dust. You may want to use a cleaning spray to remove the dust. Again, this poses a danger of its liquid getting into your computer.
For sure, a cover for your computer’s monitor can not only protect your monitor, it will also provide privacy by covering your work.

What are some of the best computer monitor covers on the market today? Read on for reviews of some.


Best Monitor Covers – Comparison Table


Product Image
Product Name
Star Rating

Computer Monitor Dust Cover for Flat Panel LCD-Silky Smooth Anti-static Vinyl with Blue Trim CoverSilky-smooth feel

Visual appeal of medium blue trim

Moisture and static free
4.8 out of 5

Pawtec Flat Screen Monitor CoverMade with stretchable, durable and lightweight Neoprene

Easy to cover and uncover

Quick-top loading protective design
4.6 out of 5

23.0 Inch Diagonally Measured Privacy Screen Filter - Ideal For Widescreen Computer MonitorsHighest quality polymer film

Easy Installation

Blue Light & Anti-glare Eye Protection
4 out of 5

SZBRO Monitor Dust Cover, LED/LCD Antistatic Vinyl Flat-Screen Computer Monitor Protective Case (WaterProof)  for 24” (24Wx18Hx3D)Top Grade Material

Light Weight One-Piece Cover Design

See-Through Translucent White Color
4.6 out of 5

EYES PC Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector PanelBest optical quality Blue Light Blocking Panel

Blocks 100% of Hazardous UV light

Excellent Color Transmittance.
4.5 out of 5

FORITO Monitor Cover Nonwoven Computer Monitor Dust CoverDurable and washable.

Made from non-toxic high quality non-woven fabric material

Open bottom and slips over the top of the screen
4.7 out of 5


Computer Monitor Dust Cover for Flat Panel LCD-Silky Smooth Anti-static Vinyl with Blue Trim Cover

If you want a monitor cover that is both attractive and sturdy, this is the one for you. This dust cover is specifically designed for a flat panel LCD monitor and is made by Computer Dust Solutions, LLC.

It is made of cutting-edge silky-smooth antistatic copolymer. Its copolymer is moisture resistant and pliable. This cover will provide protection of your monitor against dust while making it static free as well.

This monitor cover is made in many different sizes including:
16Wx14Hx3D, 17Wx18Hx3D, 18Wx14Hx3D, 19.5Wx14.5Hx3D, 21Wx14Hx3D, 22Wx16Dx3D, 23Wx16Hx3D, 24Wx18Hx3D and 26Wx18Hx3D.

Sizes for the iMac include:
20” iMac, 24×16” iMac, 24×20” iMac and 27” iMac.

These covers will, without a doubt, keep your screen clean while extending your equipment’s life. You can be sure that your kids and/or pets won’t damage your monitor when it is covered.

Over the past ten years, these monitor covers have been continuously improved. Today, they offer you great protection for your monitor while being one of the best monitor covers on the market.


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Pawtec Flat Screen Monitor Cover

This Neoprene monitor cover is one of the easiest to use covers currently on the market. When using this cover to protect your monitor, you simply slip the cover over your monitor. That’s all it takes to protect your monitor from dirt, dust, oil, fingerprints and scratches. The sleeve type design makes this monitor a perfect cover when you’re travelling to and from work. It gives your monitor 360 degrees.

Its cut-out back makes it especially easy to use since the cut-out allows the wires to hang out. The cut-out makes it easy for you to slip it on without removing any cables.
This monitor cover is available in three sizes: 20 to 22 inches, 23 to 25 inches and 27 to 28 inches. You can easily find the size you need to fit any major brand computer monitor including Dell, Samsung, View Sonic, Asus and Sceptre.

The inside terry lining provides a soft protection for your monitor’s screen preventing scratches. The heavy duty material of this monitor cover also adds to its scratch protection. This slip on sleeve cover is lightweight, compact and durable.


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23.0 Inch Diagonally Measured Privacy Screen Filter – Ideal For Widescreen Computer Monitors

If you’re looking for your monitor’s screen to be protected from scratches and dust, this Akamai Office’s filter will do the job. However, its role as a privacy filter is its main offering. It will help to keep your confidential information private by blocking others from seeing your screen.

You simply mount the privacy filter to your computer monitor’s screen. Its advanced micro-louver privacy technology will allow only people who are directly in front of you or behind you to see your screen. Other coworkers, strangers or competitors can’t see your information on the screen. If they are beyond the 60 degree viewing angle, they see only a black screen. This makes this privacy filter perfect for offices, financial institutions, universities, corporate travel and health care providers.

The Akamai filter is a perfect fit to Widescreen 23.0” monitors. Due to the eight layers of film, these privacy screen protectors can make sure your information such as your passwords and other personal content is secure.

Besides privacy, these filters also protect your eyes. They do this by filtering 97% UV out as well as cutting out 70% blue light. Lowering the UV and blue light is an important advantage of these filters since the UV and blue light can negatively impact your eyes. Since the screen filter is reversible, you are able to select either matte side or glossy. By placing the matte side facing you, you can reduce glare.

The privacy screen protectors can be easily installed either of the following two ways:
• Option 1 – Use the clear adhesive strips provided as a bonus.
• Option 2 – Use the 2 slide mount tabs also included.

Akamai offers a 100% money back guarantee that is risk-free. However, you will be totally satisfied with your purchase of a privacy filter due to how easy it is to install, its restriction of your screen’s visibility, protection of your screen from dust and damage and its reduction of glare and UV light.


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SZBRO Monitor Dust Cover, LED/LCD Antistatic Vinyl Flat-Screen Computer Monitor Protective Case (WaterProof)  for 24” (24Wx18Hx3D)

This protective monitor cover by SZBRO will guard your computer’s monitor against moisture, paints, oils, bacteria, scratches, pets, pee as well as accidental damage from kids.

Being made of PEVA environmental friendly material, this monitor cover has no odor and is totally non-toxic. In addition, it is also anti-static, dust proof and both mildew and water resistant. Anyone can install this computer monitor cover since its being one piece and light weight makes it very easy.

The high quality material the cover is made of allows it to be used and reused for years. It can actually be washed. At a low cost, you can extend the life of your computer’s monitor by using this cover.

Having a see through white color, this monitor cover is attractive enough to be a great decoration for your home or office.

This monitor cover is available in many different sizes including:
16Wx14Hx3D, 17Wx18Hx3D, 20Wx14Hx3D, 21Wx14Hx3D, 22Wx16Hx3D, 24Wx18Hx3D, 26Wx18Hx4D, 32Wx20Hx4D, 37Wx23Hx4D and 43Wx27Hx4D.


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EYES PC Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector Panel

Would your first choice of your monitor’s screen protector be the absolute best optical blue light blocking panel? If so, the monitor screen protector offered by EYES PC is the one you want. Look no more.

This screen protector panel blocks 100% of UV hazardous light. It also reduces 100% HEV Bluelight and transmits excellent color. 380mm—495mm of anti-blue light is blocked by this screen protector panel. This blocking is for wide range protection of HEV.
Digital eye strain is reduced when you view LED screens of your office or home PC.

The panel’s design makes its installation and removal very easy. Sizes of these panels that fit most LED flat monitors are available for purchase.


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FORITO Monitor Cover Nonwoven Computer Monitor Dust Cover

With the 360 degrees of protection of the FORITO Monitor Cover, you need not worry about your monitor being safe from damage when going to and from work or vacation. Your monitor will be protected from scratches and/or dust.

Having an open bottom, this cover can be easily slipped over the top of your monitor. When not being used, you can store this cover with no trouble since it can be easily folded.

The washable and durable non-woven fabric material of this cover is both high quality and non-toxic. With 21Wx14Hx3D dimensions, it will fit most LCD/LED 20” to 22” monitor screens.


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Final Thoughts

The six computer monitor covers described above points out the best features of each for you to consider. All of them will protect your monitor screen from damage caused by things such as moisture, fingerprint scratches or children mishandling. One has an added feature of providing privacy. Two are easiest to use since they simply slip over the top. One has a light blocking panel to be placed in front of the screen. After reading the above descriptions, you should be able to decide which is best for you.