Best Gaming Projector – A Guide For 2019

Games on a phone are fine when there isn’t anything else available, but the bigger the viewing area, the better the gaming experience tends to be. It’s the same reason people go to the movies. A bigger screen with top of the line resolution, authentic colors, and a high refresh rate produce a level of immersion that is simply not possible on small screens.


Reasons To Purchase A Gaming Projector

Today’s game systems and PCs pack tremendous graphics power. Limiting game play to a small screen is almost a waste of resources. Given the ability of a gaming projector to create enormous yet still precisely detailed images, it is a perfect match for the gamer looking to squeeze every inch of graphics beauty and gaming excitement out of a gaming machine.

Gaming projectors are also far more portable than a TV or monitor. Not only are they smaller in size, they are more versatile in terms of placement. Any free wall can become a screen, regardless of the size.



BenQ HT2150ST 1080p

BenQ, long considered one of the top names in the PC monitor world, is definitely no slouch when it comes to projectors. The HT2150ST is one of their best offerings and excels in almost every area.

For starters, this is what is known as a “short throw” projector, meaning it does not have to be placed very far back from the wall or screen to create an enormous image. In the case of the HT2150ST, it needs only be about five feet back to produce an image of 100 inches in size.

Next, the HT2150ST tackles that bane of gamers everywhere: lag. It processes images quickly enough to prevent motion blur and slow input response. This ensures fast-paced games will never be outpaced by a player’s reflexes.

Perhaps the area where this projector shines the most, though, is in color reproduction. While some projectors can produce colors that look somewhat washed out, the HT2150ST produces strikingly bright and vivid colors. Even with the massive viewing area, the colors don’t lose any crispness.

Finally, the two 10W speakers in the unit produce deep and rich sound that would make many monitor speakers jealous. Of particular note are the bass tones, which feel natural while still maintaining the “thump” quality.


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XGIMI H1-Aurora Native 1080p Projector

The H1-Aurora is perhaps the cutest looking projector on this list, but it’s endearing looks definitely do not mean soft performance. Instead, the H1-Aurora starts off with stunning full HD resolution at 300 inches that has to be seen to be believed. It could literally match or better many flat screen TVs on the market that are less than a quarter of the size.

The H1-Aurora also possesses serious gaming functionality, due in part to the quad-core processor inside. The processor, coupled with a dedicated GPU, allows gaming at a steady 60 frames per second with no lag or blur. The HDMI 2.0 port on the H1-Aurora that can support 18Gbps broadband internet speed ensures the projector is not a “bottleneck” that is going to slow down online gaming.

While a lot of gamers prefer headsets so that they can communicate with fellow players during a game, the Harmon/Kardon speakers inside the H1-Aurora will undoubtedly tempt many to go headset-free. That’s because the stereo system is a finely-tuned, sensitive, and accurate sound system that will reproduce any gaming audios with perfect clarity.

The H1-Aurora is an Android device, so it will be easy for smartphone users to control and configure it using any Android phone or tablet.


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Sony VPLHW45ES 1080p 3D SXRD Home Theater/Gaming Projector

Electronics giant Sony easily makes this list with the VPLHW45ES due mainly to the unmatched picture quality. While this projector probably shines the best for those looking for a great 3D theater-like experience for watching movies, the image quality still translates well for gaming.

While it might seem hard to maintain the ultra-lifelike image reproduction of this projector when processing gaming images, Sony pulls it off effortlessly. The gaming mode cuts input lag, allowing for stable 60 frames per second gaming.

Notable in this projector is the powerful brightness. It projects at 1,800 lumens, which is quite powerful and ensures clear visibility even in very bright rooms. It is also perfect for playing games that have a lot of darkness or shading that require the gamer to be able to see subtle contrasts in landscape.

With a lot of projectors that have a lumens rating of 1,500 or above, the fan needed to cool such a powerful light can be pretty noisy. Sony does a stellar job of keeping the peace in the form of 28 decibel sound at full power.


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Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5040Ube

While this projector was not really designed to be a gaming projector, the pure image rendering power makes it a device to be reckoned with. Like the Sony model detailed above, the 5040Ube shines in games that have dark environments. The ability for this projector to differentiate between various shades of black and gray is unreal.

That’s not to say that the 5040Ube is somehow deficient when it comes to brightly colored games. The powerful 2,500 lumens light produces a dazzling array of colors with no “rainbow” effect.

The fact that the unit is wireless is a big convenience when it comes to having to cycle various cords from different devices in and out. It is much easier to simply connect the projector wirelessly to whatever gaming machine is to be used. This also frees up the projector with regards to space, as well. There is no need to have it sitting near a central hub that connects multiple devices.

Of note, this is a very high-end projector and does not really focus a lot on sound reproduction. It is generally expected that this unit will be coupled with a top-notch sound system to match the magnificent visuals.


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Optoma HD142X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

This mega-bright projector from Optoma offers some stunning features for a mid-range unit. First, the lamp life is exceptional. While some of the top end projectors boast lamp lifetimes of around 2,000 to 3,000 hours, the HD142X lamp has a projected lifetime of 8,000 hours. Depending on usage, the lamp could go about ten years before needing replacement.

Next, there is the picture quality itself. This projector offers highly accurate, extremely precise image quality, which is heightened when in gaming mode. The gaming mode also cuts lag to reduce motion blur.

As is the case with many of the projectors on this list, the HD142X excels at both color brightness and subtle dark hue differentiation. With a whopping 3,000 lumens of brightness, the colors are almost more dazzling than real life.

While the speakers on this projector are certainly not built to be used for high end stereo sound reproduction, they are sufficiently loud and clear to serve perfectly for gaming.


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Acer Predator Z650

This projector was designed with gaming in mind and includes several features that some of the other units on this list don’t have. The most obvious is the unique gaming mode of the predator, which analyzes image input in real time and maximizes not only input lag, but image quality as well.

This results in superb contrast regardless of lighting, allowing the player to differentiate between even the most minute hues of color or black and gray shades. The Predator gaming mode is easily the most all-encompassing and advanced one of any of the projectors on this list.

A lot of gamers love to capture in-game screens and use them as wallpaper. While most game systems and computers can captures these images, most projectors cannot. The Predator, however, does enable in-game screen capture and allows the player to use the image as a kind of wallpaper that will appear whenever the device is turned on.

This projector is also wireless, enabling the free placement as mentioned in the Epson Powerlite review. The Predator also has two 10W stereo speakers that are good enough to serve as speakers for a mid-range stereo system. The audio processing is excellent even if headphones are being used instead of the speakers, and the sound can be transmitted wirelessly to compatible headphones using Bluetooth.


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XMING S2 Smart 4K Portable Laser DLP Projector

All of the projectors reviewed so far on this list have used standard lamp technology to produce images. There is, however, another class of projectors that use lasers instead of lamps, and the XMING S2 is a great example of what can be done using this format.

The S2 takes great advantage of the brightness and clarity a laser can provide in a very small package. It is highly portable and produces 900 lumens. By contrast, most mini projectors produce only around 50 to 100 lumens. Laser lighting also greatly extends the lighting source life. The light for this projector will last approximately 60,000 hours. Also, the laser light in the S2 is self-adjusting, meaning that there is no need to “keystone”, or calibrate the image.

For such a tiny unit, the image quality is remarkable. At this level of brightness, the precision of the laser resolution really shines through. Gamers will not have to worry about sacrificing graphics to get a mini projector with the S2.

The build of the S2 is also notable for the durability of the projector. It is made of aluminum and has copper cooling fins to help keep the unit cool. It is sturdy and quiet, and the remote can even double as a laser pointer. This is a very well thought-out, well-designed mini projector.


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