Best 1440p Monitors Guide 2019

1440p or WQHD monitors have made a strong impression on the market. Since they first became popular in 2013, these monitors came with promises of better resolution, color, contrast, and overall performance than the standard 1080p widescreen. Today, there are dozens of good quality 1440p monitors available for any intended use.

While 4K monitors are impressive, not everyone feels they can use such a high resolution for everyday tasks. 1440p presents a good middle ground between a showstopping 4K monitor and an ordinary 1080p widescreen. 1440p also occupies a better price point than 4K, giving users a better value for their money.

While these models are mostly intended for home and office use, some of them are optimized for gaming. A 1440p monitor with high refresh rates and FreeSync presents an immersive game experience that outperforms any 1080p monitor.

Before you buy a 1440p monitor, make sure you have the right connections on your PC. DisplayPort connections work the best, though HDMI and DVI are also supported. Make sure your graphics card is up to date and can handle a 1440p resolution. Not all games support 1440p. You may need to adjust the game’s resolution before playing.


Comparison Table For The Best 1440p Monitors


Name: BenQ GL2706PQ Black Gaming Monitor
Size: 27-inch
Max Screen Resolution: 2560×1440
Special features: Zeroflicker and Low Blue Light features, 60 hZ refresh rate, 1 ms GTG response
Price ($ through $$$) $$


Name: Acer G247HYU 23.8-inch IPS WQHD Monitor
Size: 23.8-inch
Max Screen Resolution: 2560×1440
Special features: 4 ms response time, 60 hZ refresh rate
Price ($ through $$$) $$


Name: VIOTEK GN27D 27” 1440p & 144hz Curved Computer Gaming Monitor
Size: 27-inch
Max Screen Resolution: 2560×1440
Special features: FreeSync, 144 hZ refresh rate, 4.8 ms response time, FPS optimized
Price ($ through $$$) $$$


Name: ViewSonic VX2478-SMHD 24″ IPS 1440p Frameless LED Monitor
Size: 24-inch
Max Screen Resolution: 2560×1440
Special features: 80M:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, 60 hZ refresh rate
Price ($ through $$$) $$


Name: Samsung 32” WQHD LED Monitor (S32D850T)
Size: 24-inch
Max Screen Resolution: 2560×1440
Special features: 5 ms response time, 60 hZ refresh rate, Picture-in-Picture 2.0, sRGB configured
Price ($ through $$$) $$$


Name: Lenovo 23.8-Inch QHD Monitor (65D2GCC3US)
Size: 23.8-inch
Max Screen Resolution: 2560×1440
Special features: 4 ms response time, TÜV Eye Comfort certification, 47 hZ – 63 hZ refresh rate
Price ($ through $$$) $




BenQ GL2706PQ Black Gaming Monitor

This 27-inch LED monitor is intended for office use but has enough powerful features to make it a good gaming monitor. It would be a good purchase for a home-based professional who plays games in his or her spare time. The monitor has a solid adjustable stand and built-in speakers. It has several different display inputs for use with any computer setup: HDMI, VESA Mount, DVI, and Display Port.

This monitor has an impressive response time of 1 ms. Its refresh rate is 60 hZ, making for a smooth picture in most situations. This monitor does not come with FreeSync, but BenQ’s proprietary “Zeroflicker” technology reportedly works well.

Some users caution that this product sometimes has display port issues where the monitor will not pick up a signal from the computer. BenQ’s customer service is responsive when it comes to fixing this problem under warranty. Some users have also reported scattered pixels that are stuck on one color. Others have noted some excessive IPS glow issues, where the screen glows when viewing dark objects from an angle.





Acer G247HYU 23.8-inch IPS WQHD Monitor

This monitor has an impressive 100 million:1 contrast ratio for the best possible color quality and clarity. This monitor is ideal for work and is a good fit for light gamers, though it does not have FreeSync. It has an IPS display for excellent color performance at any angle. Gamers report that this model can be overclocked to 84-90 hZ.

The monitor has DVI, HDMI, and Display Port connections. It is mounted on a pivoting X-shaped stand and also has a small degree of tilt. It has internal speakers included.
This model has good color calibration right out of the box, though some adjustments are necessary. Its color and brightness settings can be adjusted by using buttons on the front of the display, and there are many different variables to control. It has a matte screen for better performance and less ambient glare.

Some users were not satisfied with the quality of the stand, and others fault the monitor for not including VESA mounts. Most users were satisfied with its performance and would recommend it to other buyers.





VIOTEK GN27D 27” 1440p & 144hz Curved Computer Gaming Monitor

VIOTEK is an up-and-coming brand that is poised to become more popular in the near future. This model is curved for better immersion in gaming or in any computer program. With a curved monitor, the user can experience games in a new way and get a new perspective on their work documents. This monitor has a 178-degree viewing angle and an anti-glare screen.

This monitor has FreeSync for less stutter between the monitor and the graphics card. With a blazing fast 144 hZ refresh rate, this monitor can handle the most demanding games and video playback.

This model displays 16.7 million colors with 1 million:1 contrast ratio. The VIOTEK monitor has two HDMI ports and DisplayPort capability. It is also VESA mountable for easy integration into your at-home rig.

Users report that the Samsung VA panel does produce color that is somewhat washed out. Some users had difficulty with the reliability of this model after a short period of time, though these seem to be isolated issues. Overall, this is a solid monitor with many exciting features.





ViewSonic VX2478-SMHD 24″ IPS 1440p Frameless LED Monitor

The ViewSonic monitor is frameless for an attractive viewing experience. This monitor has different view settings for Mono, Text, Web, Movie, and Game uses. These presets make it easy to adjust your monitor for different profiles. The stand pivots and tilts for a better viewing angle. It has DisplayPort and HDMI input. It does not come with VESA mounts installed.

While this unit does not have FreeSync, users were able to overclock this monitor to 85 hZ and experience good results.

IPS glow is sometimes a problem, but this is a common issue among these types of monitors. Most users were happy with the performance of the monitor upon arrival and noted a low incidence of dead pixels. ViewSonic provides a 3-year limited warranty in case of pixel problems or any other issues that occur.





Samsung 32” WQHD LED Monitor (S32D850T)

This monitor has a versatile stand. It is height adjustable and also swivels, tilts, and pivots. The monitor also has VESA mounting holes. The monitor does not have an included speaker, but it does have a headphone jack and an audio out jack.

The Samsung monitor comes with a variety of inputs to meet every need: DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI-D. It also has a 4 port USB 3.0 hub with the ability to charge devices quickly. All the ports are placed on the back of the monitor for maximum convenience.
The Samsung monitor is easy to set up. Simply set up the stand and plug the monitor in. There are button controls on the monitor itself, and these are large and clearly labeled.

The monitor has a VA card, which is intended mostly for business use with high contrast and workable viewing angles. At 5 ms, the response time is not as fast as those found on monitors intended for gaming. Home office users won’t be bothered by the slower response time, but heavy gamers may find it less attractive.

Out of the box, this monitor has good color accuracy, contrast, and black levels. If the user is able to run calibration, its performance improves. Overall, this is a strong performer in all categories.





Lenovo 23.8-Inch QHD Monitor (65D2GCC3US)

The Lenovo monitor is only 1.45 cm thick, making any desktop look modern. It has a sleek finish with the look of brushed metal and a nearly edgeless screen. The stand tilts but does not pivot or adjust for height. This monitor is not VESA compatible for wall hanging.

Streamlined to the essential jacks, the monitor does not have external speakers or a headphone jack. It has only HDMI and DVI input with no DisplayPort option. The monitor is also missing USB ports. This may make your desktop look cleaner with only two cords hanging from the monitor, but some users will miss the convenience of extra ports.

The monitor has a 60 hZ refresh rate and a 4 ms response time, making it ideal for all office applications and workable for light gamers. Out of the box, it has good color reproduction with 16.7 million colors and a 99% sRGB spread.

The build quality seems solid, with very few complaints about burnt out pixels or bad IPS glow. Some users were not satisfied with the sturdiness of the stand, and many faulted the monitor for not having VESA mounting capability.




Focusing on important features such as refresh rate, response time, color fidelity, and ease of use, we found that the VIOTEK GN27D was the best product we reviewed. Performing the highest in all the categories we studied, the VIOTEK monitor provides users with a great experience whether they are working on graphic design and office documents or gaming.