BenQ XL2411T 120hz Gaming Monitor Review For 2022

BenQ has an excellent reputation among gamers as a source of high-quality monitors that provide not only a fantastic picture but also a lag-free experience. With the BenQ XL2411T 120Hz gaming monitor, BenQ narrows its scope and targets the professional eSports first-person shooter competitive player with a high-quality display that will give them an edge over the competition. Not only does the BenQ XL2411T offer the same excellent features as the company’s previous gaming monitors but it also comes packed with specific features tailored exclusively towards FPS gamers.

Appearance and Function

With its matte black finish, the BenQ XL2411T gaming monitor definitely won’t win any awards for its looks, and for some gamers, that’s a good thing: Massive amounts of gloss means you’ll spend more time wiping off greasy fingerprints and smudges from your monitor than playing games. Unlike other BenQ monitors that opt for a matte monitor but a glossy stand, the XL2411T opts to have the stand match the monitor, so everything has a uniform matte finish. The included stand is rather small and sports no particular function outside of having a recessed area, perfect for your change or small desk ornaments. If you’re looking to switch up your display a bit, you can mount this monitor on the wall using any VESA-compatible mounting product.

The monitor itself is fully adjustable, letting users adjust the height and angle of it within five inches and rotate it into portrait mode. While some users may find that adjusting the monitor is a bit tricky due to the swivels and hinges being abnormally tight, ultimately this is a good thing as it means that your monitor will stay in whatever position you put it in.


Since the BenQ XL2411T gaming monitor is so focused on one genre of PC gaming, the connectivity options are a bit less than what you’d see on other BenQ gaming monitors. While the XL2411T has the standard VGA and DVI-D ports, it only includes one HDMI port, meaning you can only hook up one game console to the monitor at a time. While the monitor has a headphone jack, it is missing the standard audio port seen on most other gaming monitors. In addition, the XL2411T is also missing USB ports and a DisplayPort. While it doesn’t include any 3D equipment in the box, the XL2411T gaming monitor is 3D ready.


Unlike most gaming monitors, the BenQ XL2411T does not include any built-in speakers. For many gamers, this is nothing but a good thing as built-in monitor speakers are usually poor quality and unused by the majority of the gaming population. In addition, cutting out the built-in speakers allows BenQ to keep both the weight and cost of the monitor down. However, for professional gamers who find themselves traveling frequently, the loss of built-in speakers means that if you don’t want to confine yourself to using headphones, you’ll need to carry around a set of standalone speakers with you when you travel.


The best way to describe the onscreen menu of the BenQ XL2411T gaming monitor is barebones; while there are options to adjust standard setting such as brightness, contrast and gamma, you won’t find the plethora of choices that you typically see on most gaming monitors. Controlling the menu is done by buttons on the underside of the screen, which many gamers may initially find cumbersome–the placement of the buttons isn’t intuitive due to the horizontal layout. However, after a few days and with a little practice, you’ll likely have no problem quickly navigating the menus on the BenQ XL2411T. To make menu navigation easier, the monitor has a set of three custom keys that you can assign to specific menu features. For example, you can assign one key to take you instantly to the brightness setting so you can quickly adjust the brightness during a match.

Viewing Angle

Unfortunately, the BenQ XL2411T gaming monitor uses a TN panel and thus, the viewing angles on this display are far from ideal. While the picture is fine if you’re staring at it from the dead center of the screen, the further you get from the center, the more washed out the picture becomes. At extreme angles, such as attempting to view the monitor from the far right or left side, the picture is almost unviewable. While it’s safe to say you aren’t going to use this monitor for multiplayer gaming or family movie night, if you’re planning on being the sole gamer on this monitor then the poor viewing angles aren’t a problem.

Color and Resolution

Since the BenQ XL2411T gaming monitor is a TN panel monitor, it suffers from the same mediocre color saturation that plagues other TN panel gaming monitors. However, the XL2411T makes up for this by offering an impressive array of deep blacks, bright whites and a fantastic contrast. To make up for the shortcomings of the XL2411T’s color, BenQ added a few additional proprietary features that are going to change the way you play FPS games.

The Black eQualizer feature will give you an edge in competition by artificially pumping up the brightness and deluding shadows. While your average gamer likely won’t find this Black eQualizer feature appealing, eSports professionals will love the advantage they get when using this feature in FPS games. Your opponents won’t be able to hide in dark shadows any longer when you’ve cranked this feature up to its maximum settings.

If you’re not looking to sacrifice graphical quality for a slight advantage, the FPS picture mode is a custom set of display settings designed to bring out the gritty details of your average first-person shooter. With this mode enabled, you’ll swear you were actually in the grisly battlefield environments of games like Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Battlefield 4!

Lastly, the proprietary flicker-free technology in the BenQ XL2411T gaming monitor means that your eyes are protected even during all-night gaming marathons. By limiting the amount of blue light the XL2411T outputs, BenQ helps protect you from headaches, dry eyes and dizziness.


While the BenQ XL2411T may falter in areas such as the viewing angle and its color, it’s because the manufacturer focused entirely on providing a lag-free experience for FPS gamers. To that end, it’s safe to say that BenQ succeeded, as the Xl2411T’s 1ms response time eliminates all traces of lag. If you’re wondering why the manufacturer opted for a TN panel despite its flaws, the answer is in the XL2411T’s 120Hz refresh rate, a rate only possible due to using the TN panel. The 120Hz refresh rate ensures a buttery smoothness that you just won’t see on any other gaming monitors, allowing you to glide gracefully across maps without any motion blurring, ghosting or smearing. The 120Hz refresh rate isn’t just beneficial for FPS games, as it will enhance even mundane chores on your PC such as browsing your desktop.


Because the BenQ XL2411T gaming monitor forgoes a lot of ancillary features to concentrate on its 120Hz refresh rate, the price is a bit lower than you would expect. On average, expect to pay about $200 – $250 for this gaming monitor, which is an excellent price for die-hard FPS gamers who prioritize the 120Hz refresh rate above all else.


The bottom line is that if you’re serious about FPS games, the BenQ XL2411T 120Hz gaming monitor is a must-own product. While it may not provide the best viewing angles, colors or even as many features as other BenQ gaming monitors, the fluidity provided by the 120Hz refresh rate is a necessity for both eSports players and hardcore gamers alike. After only a few minutes with this gaming monitor, you’ll find yourself boxing up your HDTV and making this your sole display. Endorsed by a plethora of professional eSports gamers across the world, the BenQ XL2411T 120Hz gaming monitor is one of the best monitors that money can buy and is a purchase that you definitely won’t regret.